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"Whether you find the lights or not, Northern Lights Tromsø is committed to providing a special night for everyone. At first, it seemed like we wouldn't see much action, but standing out under the start at the top of a mountain was still fantastic. And then Edvard, our intrepid guide, drove us out to where he grew up in Sommarøy where we met his dad and hung out in a wooden hut with a roaring fire, sitting on reindeer hides and drinking hot chocolate while Edvard braved the elements and set up the camera. Suddenly, the lights were everywhere. And standing on top of a heather-covered hill, looking out at the islands scattered at the base of a snow-dusted mountain as the lights rippled and danced and swirled across the sky for the next couple hours made it even more beautiful. Edvard and his dad were so kind and helpful... and they were excited about the lights too. They didn't make you feel bad for wanting a whole bunch of pictures, they understood that this was a once in a lifetime experience for most of the people there. Also, Edvard was a great driver. Even if we didn't find the lights, I still would give them 5 stars. Totally worth it!"

"What an amazing experience we had on your Northern Lights Chase from Tromso. We loved every minute of the tour from the indepth information you provided around the solar activity, to your advice on the best setup for our camera and even the exciting atmosphere and coversations you inspired amongst the group. We really felt a part of something special and you have given us memories that we will share forever. 

Huge thanks to Magne and Stephan"

"Thank you Magne and Stephan for the experience of a lifetime! Your hospitality, knowledge and warm welcoming totally made this trip one of a lifetime and just perfect for us.

We travelled for 27 hours from Cambodia to Tromsø and it was totally worth every minute for this spectacular light show tour with great people and awesome destinations. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone interested in catching a glimpse of the northern lights!

Magne\'s driving skills made for a comfortable ride as well as a thrilling chase of the lights accross some truly amazing hot spots! Magne and Stephan also had a world of knowledge and really helpful tips for capturing this amazing experience on camera.

We were so lucky to have nature on our side with it\'s impressive display, really nice down to earth tour guides and a great bunch of people to share the tour with! I agree, it was definitely a honeymoon special! Thanks a bunch guys!

Best of luck for future viewings!"

"Hi Magne and Torstein

We wanted to say a massive thank you for the excellent aurora tour to Sommaroy on Monday 23rd March.

You planned the perfect location and we were so lucky to see such a spectacularly beautiful display!

(We are the Jersey couple, who were in the car with Torstein, staying at Clarion Hotel With)

We are so happy that we went out with you, and that we didn’t have to travel a long distance on the tour, or stay out all night.

It was just perfect and you guys are great.  We hope to come back and do another tour with you. I am addicted!

Would you mind emailing some of the photos you took of us please? Mine were quite blurry :o( 

Wishing you all the best

Jane and Dave"


We did the Northern Light tour this past Wednesday, March 4th! We had a amazing time! Thank you so much for the great experience. Me and my friend were from the US & really hoping you could email us the photo you took of us as well as a few scenic shots without people in them! We would really appreciate it! We will be sure to write really great reviews for you! We had an amazing time! Thanks again & looking forward to seeing the photos!



"Hello Magne,

Thank you so much for the great tour last night, we were very lucky with the weather conditions but you surely made the event very relaxed and much better. The good spots you took us too were really increasingly impressive, surely ending with breathtaking. Thanks also for already taking pictures of us with the northern light that only the camera could show, better safe than sorry with such a phenomena!

Last but not least giving us the space and the perfect surroundings for me to propose to my girlfriend will be something we will never forget, it could not have been better (even if the beautiful lights would not have been there). Thanks!

We are very excited to see the pictures, if a link for \'dropbox\' or \'wetransfer\' could be provided we would be most obliged :-)

Nina and Rinus"

"Hello Magne

Thank you for the amazing photos of the Northern lights! You really made our occasion very special and we can\'t stop talking about our experience with family and friends here in Ireland! I had to change my flights after talking to you on Monday morning and it was totally worth it.

This was our first time in Norway, and we thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. Norway is a beautiful country, and it\'s people are warm and welcoming. The welcome we received is second to none.

It\'s a shame we only stayed for three and a half days, but we hope to visit Tromso again soon. 

We wish you all the very best and thanks again for your expertise and breathtaking photos.

Kind regards,

Dom and Mary"

"Thank you for making my last night in Tromso memorable! The Northern Lights were amazing and one of the best things I\'ve ever seen. Some of my pictures turned out ok but I\'m excited to see the ones you took. I\'ll be sure to tell my friends in Washington to take your tour. Can you please send the link to the Dropbox? Thanks again!

All the Best,


"This was our second northern light chase and we couldn\'t believe how lucky we were for picking the best tour and for such spectacular lights!

Thank you sooooo much and we will definitely come back for another visit.

Meg Hung"


This is the Dando family. We had the best time last night (11th of December 2014), thanks to you and Iselin.

Your hospitality was outstanding as was you knowledge of the Northern lights, we appreciated you taking us to your private place. Watching the lights over the Arctic Ocean was amazing.

The final show on the way home was truely amazing, we feel so lucky to have seen such a magnificent show of activity, we have nicknamed it the Swirl of Fire.

If we could have a link to drop box that would be very much appreciated.

Last night we were talking about the Northern lights from space and we found this picture

Again thanks for the highlite of our holiday. Thanks.

Best Regards,

Adam Dando"

"Hi Magne

Thanks again for the fantastic tour last night. It was brilliantly organised and well commented. We were lucky enough to have waited a little longer than planned. At long last we could finally see the long expected Aurora Borealis. It has made our day and the trip from Switzerland. Magical Norway!

Kindly send us the pics or the link to this mail address.

take care!

Greetings from Christine and Martin

(The Swiss couple)"

"Hi there - we (Kerry Sykes and I) came on your amazing tour on Sunday 30 November - the organisation and hospitality were fabulous - and we were incredibly lucky to experience a great show before settling down by your wood stove. We would like to see some pictures if possible?

Thank you! Harriet"


My family and I were so glad that we have booked this trip. Despite the cold windy night, the Guide was so helpful and professionally guided us to view the Light. Hot coffee and light snacks were perfect to keep us warmer in the warm cabin. Will definitely recommend friends on this.

Well Done to the Northern Light team.

Best Regards,


The Singapore Family"

"Hihi Magne!

I want to say thank you for the great tour last night. My partner and I where over the moon to have finally seen the lights.

The tour was great, yourself and the team clearly put in alot of passion to the job and it was evident in the results of seeing the lights.

I also appreciate you letting us book at the last minute through artic travel guide it was highly appreciated and we would not have seen the lights without you!

Thank you again, can\'t wait to see the photos.


Alex and Vib!"

"My husband and I came all the way from the States to Tromso to see the Northern Lights, one of my life dreams. We were not disappointed! The tour tonight was fabulous and you were excellent hosts. I would recommend your service highly. Thank you!

Devon and David"

"Thank you for the wonderful experience as the tour was the best part of our trip to Norway. The guide was excellent and kept the entire group engaged during the evening. Please send us the link to the pictures from our trip last night - Thursday evening.

Wayne Lee"

"Hi there

First thanks to Kristin for such a fantastic trip last night (Friday 21st). We got to see some great views of the borealis, and she was really helpful, friendly and knowledgeable about the science and the region.

She mentioned we should email in to receive copies of the photos she took (which looked excellent). There were only 4 of us on the trip, us and an older couple. Catherine and I were both wearing jeans and black puffer jackets.

Could you possibly email the photos over? We\'re really looking forward to seeing them.


Matt and Catherine"

"Thank you for the wonderful experience as the tour was the best part of our trip to Norway. The guide was excellent and kept the entire group engaged during the evening. Please send us the link to the pictures from our trip last night - Thursday evening.

Wayne Lee"

"Dear Magne,

We would very much like to thank you again for yesterday evenings very special event. It was an extraordinary experience for us , as it was our very first time to greet the northern lights. And with that had so much good luck to experience an overwhelming sighting at this verry special spot you took us to. We also would like to thank you for your experteed guidance and your warm cabin on this special evening.

Yours Christina and Alexander, the two germans."

"I was on the nothern lights tour from Tromso yesterday and I would really like to get the pictures you took during the night!

Could you send me the link to download them? And thanks again for the tour it was great and we liked it very much ! I Will go back to France with amazing pictures of nothern lights in my head. Thank you !!


"Hi, Thank you for an amazing trip last night, seeing the Northern Lights was a highlight and something our kids will always remember. We would highly recommend your trip to friends. We would also love to access the photos in dropbox.

Many thanks

Jo and Charles Kemp"

"I got a nice and unforgettable memory in tromso by nothern light chase tour. I could see beautiful nothern lights! Guide is so professional and his explanation is good.

Thank you very much :D"

"Dear Guide

The only thing I can say is thank you. Thank you so much to introduce us into Northern Lights. You say that the oriental people believe that when you see the northern lights you get luck, but we believe that only luck people see the Northern Lights. You were our luck guy and because you we could see it at the first time we have tried. Thank you for all support and all of your enthusiastic work. It was perfect, definitely. See you.

Joao Marcos Buch e Katya Keiko Hirata, from Brazil"

"We are more than thankful for the moments you guys made possible last Sathurday. It was an amazing experience but not only because we were lucky and manage to see a great aurora, but also because of your personal contribution, which created a very nice and fun atmosphere, as well as your expertise.

As I said, thanks and after showing some pictures to our family and friends it seem you are likely to get more spanish visitors in the next months, hehe.

Best regards,

José Carlos"

"Dear Magne and Northern Lights Tromsoe.

My colleague and I were in Tromsoe for two days for business purposes. We spoke about seeing the northern lights but was unsure about the weather conditions and wanted to wait until we arrived to see if there was clear weather.

The actual day we called the company Northern Lights Tromso the owner told us that it was a good day for seeing the northern lights, however the conditions were a bit cloudy and the wind was strong.

This company usually didn’t start until the 1st of November but made an effort to take my colleague and I as we’re from the beautiful city of Bergen and we were just here for a short stay.

Magne was very helpful and service minded, he had coffee and tea for us to drink as the cold weather was freezing.

We drove around and searched for the lights. It was as mentioned earlier cloudy and windy so we tried to find open spots between the clouds.

We got some great pictures from his camera and this will be a wonderful memory for the rest of our lives.

Recommend this company for anybody who wants to enjoy the northern lights.


"Good morning Magne!

Many thanks for a wonderful trip last night we all enjoyed it very much.

The lights were spectacular, and the evening was made more enjoyable by being able to find out a little about the area from you too. We will be sure to let the Tourist Information know we had a great trip!

Now you also have my email address, we are looking forward to seeing your photographs!

Many thanks!<


"Thank you so much for taking us on the Northern Lights chase tour yesterday evening.

We both enjoyed it very much and through your hard work and dedication, you made it a possibility for us to view some of the lights. We found you to be a good and amusing tour guide and you kept us entertained throughout the journey and in your hut.

I would be grateful if you could kindly send over the photos you took of the lights last night.

As mentioned, I have never heard of the "drop box" application so maybe best to send the pictures straight to my email. If the

size is very large, maybe try to compress or put them into a zipped folder.

Once again, thank you and we look forward to seeing the pictures!

Kind regards,


"Dear Fantastic Driver Magne-san

Good morning! I\'m Saki.

I joined the Northernlights tour 17th MAR. 

I really appreciate your kindness.I was excited so much with my mam!

Thank you so much! 

Have a nice day!

From Saki"

"Big thanks for the excellent guided tour.

please send us the pics.

Many thanks in advance.

Yulia and Florian"

"Hei, my name is Gustavo and I was one of the Brazilians to join the northern lights tour yesterday night (3.mars).

I wonder if you got any good pictures of us on your camera. If so, could you share them with me?

I also take the opportunity to thank you for the tour. We needed some patience but it was really worth waiting. You guys, did a very good job, well done.


"My father and I would like to thank you for the lovely time and for that special place you took us to see the nothern lights. We\'re back in Brazil now (very unfortunately) wishing we could spend more days in Norway!

Could you please send us the link for the pictures?

Our tour was on friday, the 28th!


Regards, Vanessa"

"It\'s Ollie here, I did the tour with you on Friday 28th with my mum Diane. I just wanted to thank you as it was an amazing time and we

thoroughly enjoyed you sharing your knowledge of the northern lights and Norway in general with us. We were very close to doing the tour again with you on Saturday but we chose to do dog sledging instead. How amazing were the lights on Saturday!? I wish we did your tour instead. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Thanks again,


"Both Jenny and I would like to thank you for taking us to that lovely island to see the northern lights.  It was a brilliant trip and one I will always remember, thanks to your knowledge and expertise. Would it be possible for you to send some photos.  We were with you on the 26th February 2014.

Many many thanks


"We were with you last Friday night for the lights tour. Thank you for an excellent evening. We saw an amazing aurora display, mainly

because of your experience in hunting the lights in the right place at the right time. Even if there had been no lights that evening we would have had a great time in your company, it was much more than just a lights trip and your tour of the local area was more than worth it on its own! We appreciated your knowledgable discussion and answers to our many questions. It was a nice touch that you took photos of each of us in the group, much better than our first timer attempts!


Lawrence and Amanda"

"Thanks for helping us achieve the highlight of our nine days in Norway. It has been my son\'s dream to see the Northern Lights since he was a small boy. We are both heading home feeling very satisfied with our experience. It was wonderful to be part of such a small group, to view the lights in such isolated locations and for all the information you could impart.

We are looking forward to receiving the photos especially as I was unable to get the setting correct on my camera. If you forward the drop box code to me I will forward it to Ollie.

Thanks heaps and we will certainly be recommending you to the Tromso Visitors Centre.

Kind regards


"Thank you very much for being an excellent guide. We really enjoyed our stay in Sommaroy and having the chance to learn all about the village life as well as viewing the fantastic scenery and the Northern Lights. We should be very grateful if you could send us your

pictures from the 24th February.

With many thanks and best wishes

Philip and Jane"

"Thanks again for the tour last night to go see the lights.You hosted a great event, and I appreciate the special effort you made for my birthday wishes and the authentic local beer I would likely have missed if you had not given me this gift. We definitely believe we made the right choice in booking our tour with your company.

I told the tourist office that I preferred a smaller group vs. a large tour bus. The amount of time you spent with us, getting to know the group, the professionalism of your pictures and advice for those with proper cameras, along with the authentic local touches made it a perfect event.

We wish you the best in your business venture, and I look forward to seeing the pics.

Thanks again.

The two Americans"

"Thank you so much for showing us the best of Tromso. I know the weather wasn\'t ideal to see the lights but we had so much fun with you

and especially appreciate you inviting us into your home.

If your friend has any pictures from Monday night I would love to see them!

Thanks again for your hospitality!

Kayla, Nicola, Nick, and Sam"

"Many thanks for the trip to see the Northern Lights last night, Feb 19th. Tereska and I had a great time.

This e mail is to make sure that you have my e mail address. Your very kind offer to include the pictures is much appreciated. We hope there came out OK. Your knowledge and description of the area was of great benefit to us. We are tackling more sights today (but gently).

Best Wishes Frank"

"Many thanks for your guide and professional assistances.

We had a really awesome and unforgettable trip!

Best regards,

Charles Lee"

"We are the three Bruneians from your incredible tour last night. We would appreciate it if you could send our pictures with the aurora here at this email.

Looking forward in seeing them soon. Thank you very much for the knowledge you have shared throughout we are very grateful for all that you have done for us last night in this beautiful country of yours.

Thank you"

2013 (c) Northern Lights Tromsø
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