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About Us

Welcome to the start of your Northern Lights journey in Tromsø! We have more than 20 years’ experience in guided tours in Tromsø.
We offer a range of Northern Lights chases that fits everyone’s needs. Our main focus is small groups, where a personal touch makes sure your experience will be unforgettable.

Let us take you out to wherever the weather is the best to maximize your chance of seeing the most beautiful light show nature has to offer. Photos from the tour are always included in the price! 

Reviews about our tours and our guides:

Magne Moen:
Thank you Magne&Stefan for the experience of a lifetime! Your hospitality, knowledge and warm welcoming totally made this trip one of a lifetime and just perfect for us.

We travelled for 27 hours from Cambodia to Tromsø and it was totally worth every minute for this spectacular light show tour with great people and awesome destinations. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone interested in catching a glimpse of the northern lights! Magne's driving skills made for a comfortable ride as well as a thrilling chase of the lights across some truly amazing hot spots! Magne and Stefan also had a world of knowledge and really helpful tips for capturing this amazing experience on camera.

We were so lucky to have nature on our side with its impressive display, really nice down to earth tour guides and a great bunch of people to share the tour with! I agree, it was definitely a honeymoon special! Thanks a bunch guys!

Best of luck for future viewings!
From "The Londoners" :)
- Cecilia Downes

Egil Olsen:
Thank you, Egil. A perfect Northern Lights seeker and a very good photographer!
- Armand Veleanovici 

Wonderful trip with Egil last night. He found us a great spot, kept us warm and informed and got some good photos too. A life long dream. Thanks.
- Denise Wallace-Spriggs

Stefán Erlingsson:
What a fantastic adventure! Sadly the weather wasn't in our favour so we only saw a glimpse of the Lights through the lens of a camera, but the trip itself was a magical experience. Sitting round a campfire on reindeer skins, hot cups of tea and biscuits in hand, telling myths of the Auroras; and walking over crisp white snow with a panoramic view of the mountains in the distance. We enjoyed every second with our friendly, funny and very informative guide Stefán, who did his utmost to show us the lights.
Thanks Stefán for an unforgettable chase!!!
- Emma Foley

Riikka Holopainen:
Many thanks for two wonderful trips with you!! I had a lot of fun and saw impressive northern lights. A dream came true!!
Riikka was a really great tour guide. Very competent and just great!! Despite heavy clouds during my first trip, she found the right spot after driving a while and we were able to see fascinating northern lights. As well as on the second tour...
Thanks for the amazing time. I'll come back again...
- Si Schi

Nora Erdelyi:
Nora was an amazing, wonderful guide. Very helpful and knowledgeable, not forgetting our very careful driver.
- Andrew and Beryl Nelso

Other reviews:
Absolutely brilliant. The tour company extremely organised and did everything possible for us to have the best opportunity plus did put guide's photos in the face book soon after.
Thank you.
- Biku Ghosh

Our driver did everything he could to make sure we saw the lights, the solar activity was low, that alongside cloud and we didn't think we had much of a chance, but he got us to an area where we saw them ...and they were awe inspiring! Great tour, driver drives well and knows the area like the back of his hand.
- Bay Norman Le Poidevin

2018 (c) Northern Lights Tromsø AS
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