All prices on Aurora Borealis Tromsø in Norwegian kroner and are per person. The prices include everything mentioned in the trip description and there are no additional fees to the announced prices. Taxes (VAT) are also included.


Delays may occur. If we are late because of traffic, road works, accidents, bad weather, avalanches, sudden illness or other unexpected events. In the case of such event and delay, Aurora Borealis Tromsø AS is not responsible for missed flights, misses of booked activities or other loss.


If you cancel:

For bookings of 1-4 guests: You will get a full refund if you cancel 48 hours or more before a tour starts. You will have to pay 100% of the total trip cost, if it is less than 48 hours before the trip takes place.

For bookings of private tours or 4 guests and more*: You will get a full refund if you cancel 7 days or more before a tour starts. You will have to pay 100% of the total trip cost, if it is less than 7 days before the trip takes place. Cancellations must be in written form by email to booking@nlt.guide and include:

  • booking ID
  • name of guest on booking
  • booking date.
If we cancel:

We will first try to reschedule you on another date or another tour according to our availability and to both your interest and stay in Tromsø. If not, you will get a full refund. Reasons of cancellation is most of the time, but not limited to, dangerous weather conditions, and might occur 6-7 times each winter.


It is very important that you notify to us if you have medical problems, and what medications you use. It is important that people with different health challenges contact their doctor to discuss any challenges regarding their health condition, with a focus on necessary medications, your ability to cope with cold and physically challenging trips, previous operations, or other relevant health issues.

There is always first aid equipment in our vehicles and we carry mobile phones in case of emergency


To book a trip from us, you must be 18 years old. Young people can participate on our trips, but only when accompanied by adults.


The customers are responsible for selecting a trip that is suitable according to their interests and abilities. Is there uncertainty about this, feel free to contact us.

We demand that local laws are followed, and will not tolerate the use of illegal drugs, or any violation of Norwegian law. Smoking is not permitted in our vehicles.

WARRANTY (Aurora Borealis chases)

We will guarantee you a memorable experience in the arctic but unfortunately we cannot promise that you will see the northern lights. We will do our best to find clear skies to see the aurora but the rest is up to nature.


Your guide will give you tips for the right settings of your camera as well as taking pictures of you during the tour. You will receive the guide's pictures straight to your mailbox 1-2 days after the trip. Please note that our guides may work on repetitive night shifts and may need some time to edit the pictures to give you the best service. If you have received this email we have your correct email address. Keep checking your inbox and your spam folder, sometimes emails with attachments end up there.

By buying our products you automatically consent to the use of the images that we take during the trip, of you or of the other persons that booked with you (if over 18), for advertising and promotional purposes in any media we choose. You grant us a perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide, irrevocable license to use these images for publicity and promotional purposes. If you for some reason do not accept this, let us know, and we will take that into consideration.

All the photos provided to you by Aurora Borealis Tromsø AS will remain Aurora Borealis Tromsø’s ownership exclusively. You are allowed to use them for your private use only, and to share them on social media and photo sharing platforms, at the condition that any watermark remains visible. You are allowed to print them for private use only and no commercial use is permitted. Using photographic materials to promote any activity that is not strictly related to Aurora Borealis Tromsø’s or publishing Aurora Borealis Lights Tromsø’s photos in paper media requires written permission. Not respecting these terms of conditions will expose the violator to judicial proceedings.


Aurora Borealis Tromsø, our guides, owners, shareholders, other employees, or agents take no responsibility for our customers’ negligent or wilful acts that lead to their own or others' death, personal injury, loss, damage, or deterioration of a person or property.

After a trip has started, Aurora Borealis Tromsø is not responsible for delays or interruptions to the trip due to naturally occurring events, if third persons need emergency assistance at road accidents or nature-made accidents, illness within the tour group, broken equipment, food poisoning, theft, delays, strikes, terrorism, civil disturbance, government restrictions or other unforeseen events. Your money will be returned if something happens that leads to a cancellation of the trip, or you will have the opportunity to go on another trip if available. Aurora Borealis Tromsø reserves the right to alter routes, itineraries or timetables without prior notice, should the necessity arise. No liability is accepted for losses or expenses due to delays or changes of arrival or departure of flights or other services, injury, sickness, accident, strikes, damage, negligence, weather, war or other causes outside the control of Aurora Borealis Tromsø. All such losses and expenses are the personal liability of the traveller.


Customer details will not be shared with/sold to a third party, and all data is stored in accordance with Norwegian law.


Aurora Borealis Tromsø AS is responsible for the security of transactions via its website. All transactions are processed using SSL, a protocol for encrypting information over the Internet.


Please contact us if anything is unclear or you would like to have more detailed information about the trips. We are happy to answer all questions to make it easy for you to prepare for the trips.

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