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Whale Safari
NOK 2000

An encounter with whales is an absolutely wonderful nature experience for all the senses. The smell of the herring; the sound of the whale song; the feeling in the body from the vibrations emitted by the whales; and the sight of the whales’ acrobatics.

Whale watching

We have a whale watching guarantee! If you do not see whales on your trip with us, you get your money back. Our crew know the local waters inside out and are highly experienced when it comes to whale watching. They have intimate knowledge of the whales themselves, and can read the animals' behavior and interpret their signals. The safety of the whales is always our focus, so we approach them in a humane and responsible manner.

The most common whales off the coast of northern Norway are humpbacks and killer whales. We spend between two and three hours among the whales as they show off their acrobatic aquatics right before our eyes.


Prior to arrival at the boat, we take a guided tour of Tromsø, in the comfort of our specially designed luxury Mercedes city bus. On board the boat you will be given any necessary clothes and shoes, so the trip will be a warm and comfortable experience. We only book small groups of 2-15 people, which makes sure each guest gets the focus you deserve. We leave the dock and motor for about 30-45 minutes to the waters off Kvaløya. The herring are drawn to these waters and with them come the whales.


Being the most curious, it is usually the humpback whales that arrive in the area first, often approaching and swimming around the boat. They live in loose pods, but are also found swimming alone. Humpbacks are very acrobatic and are capable of jumping clear of the water. Females are often a few meters longer than males and can grow to a maximum size of around 19 meters and 40 tons, though the norm is 12-14 meters and 25-30 tons. Humpback Whales can live for up to 50 years.

Killer whales – known as orcas - are social pack animals, and a herd may consist of anything between four and 40 animals. The killer whale is at the top of the marine food chain and is actually a member of the dolphin family. Many believe that their intelligence is unparalleled in the animal world. An adult male killer whale can grow up to 10 meters long and weigh as much as eight tons. Female killer whales are somewhat smaller at up to 8.5 meters long and weigh approximately five tons. This makes orcas the largest of all the dolphins.


During the tour we will be serving you delicious Nordic cuisine. Examples of what we can offer include our famous fish soup, made with delicious fish and shellfish that are plucked from the ocean right outside our kitchen. We can make a wonderful bacalao consisting of cod that is brought ashore from the waters of Kvaløya and dried by local fishermen. Northern Norwegian tapas can also be a perfect choice. Here you get to taste a bit of everything. Delicious finger food prepared using local ingredients including seal, reindeer, whale, salmon, prawns, halibut and several other tempting delicacies.

At The North Way you will definitely get to experience the taste of Northern Norway. If you have any particular wishes or need ideas from us for foods that can be served on board, do not hesitate to ask. Our chefs are ready to give you a magical dining experience. For example, we can set up grills and treat you to lovely grilled dried fish or reindeer steak. There is no limit to our own imagination as we tailor an entire experience to your wishes.

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